The Malem™ Difference

Malem Medical was established in 1979, when Dr Hilal Malem invented the very first wearable enuresis alarm. For nearly 4 decades, Malem Medical has led the way in the innovation and quality of the manufacturing of enuresis alarms. Malem Medical now has the most comprehensive range of enuresis alarms in the world and provides healthcare services and individuals globally with a cure for enuresis, as well as tackling other everyday problems and assisting with independent living. What makes Malem Medical so special?


Malem Medical has been designing innovative solutions for everyday problems for nearly four decades. This experience enables Malem Medical to ensure high quality manufacturing to produce durable, reliable products and cutting-edge technology to ensure that Malem Medical is at the forefront of enuresis alarm design.


Malem enuresis alarms push the boundaries in the design of enuresis alarms. The design team, led by Dr Hilal Malem, are continually striving to find the next innovative solution to a common, everyday problem. This has enabled Malem Medical to now have a catalogue of over 20 different models of enuresis alarms, as well as reminder watches (including the world’s only recordable vibro-watch), bladder stimulators and fall prevention alarms designed for a range of situations.


At Malem Medical, we realise that everyone is different. This is why we’ve developed a wide variety of enuresis alarms, to meet everyone’s personal needs. Our range of enuresis alarms by far the most comprehensive in the world – we have a huge range of colours, sounds, wearable alarms, wireless alarms, recordable alarms…. the list goes on! This enables each individual to choose the alarm that is just right for them and ensures that each individual gets the best enuresis treatment possible. The bespoke nature of our alarms ensures the highest success rate possible.

In addition to enuresis alarms, Malem Medical also produces a range of reminder watches, fall prevention units, bladder stimulators and more. These other product ranges are all designed and manufactured based on the fundamental points that combined make the Malem Difference. 


As a British manufacturer, Malem Medical prides itself on producing high quality, durable products. Each alarm undertakes a rigourous in-house testing process to ensure that quality products are provided to our customers. This means that Malem products are extremely durable - maybe too durable, as we have heard of some alarms being still in use over a decade later!


Our product range is specifically design to enable compatibility across our alarms and sensors. This reduces waste within healthcare institutions, allowing just the sensor to be replaced for each different user – the same alarm can be used with a bedwetting sensor, a bed-mat, or falling pressure mat for example. This not only reduces the cost for the customer, but also allows efficiency in the way in which the alarm systems are used.

Additionally, many of our alarms have a variety of selectable settings, which allow the preferred combination of alerts to be used for each individual. This means that the alarms can be used at day time and night time, at home and when away. Our aim is to design alarms that work for you, whenever you want and wherever you are.